About Taushawn


Taushawn Tinsley is a Caribbean-American educator, advocate and urbanist. A Dorchester resident, Tinsley not only hears about the issues, but lives them.

By the age of 18, Taushawn had interned for former City Councilor Charles C. Yancy, Representative Gloria Fox and taught public policy and civic engagement for the American Legion Boys and Girls State program. There he educated students about the importance of not only voting and advocating but how to better contribute to their communities.

Taushawn graduated from Merrimack College with a degree in political science with a focus in urban development. From there he jump into organizing political campaigns in Boston and Cambridge where he fought along side hotel and dining hall all workers. Experiencing different cultures and communities all while expanding his skills in community organizing and understanding that each neighborhood is different, but the goal of sustainable growth and inclusion are universal. Taushawn continued his work at the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management and now as an educator at the Boston Public Schools at the Taylor Elementary.

As a life-long Bostonian, he’s seen the changes here in the city and understands that Boston wasn't built by one person. It takes every neighborhood and community to create sustainable growth for a better future. Each community plays it’s part in Boston's vision, so everyone must be able to pull up a seat at the table.