Community First Approach

An involved community approach by the Boston Police Department is essential for public safety and building trust within communities.

A coalition of neighborhood groups, civic associations and law enforcment, can be a first step toward addressing the larger issue and laying the groundwork for effective community policing and neighborhood accountability.

Body Cameras

Police body cameras have become a critical tool to hold our law enforcement professionals accountable, while they continue to fight for safer streets.

I applaud the efforts by local advocats to push for this program and look forward to expanding the conversation towards ensuring we are maxizing effectiveness.

Reducing Predjudice

People want to know, when you put on that uniform, you're there to protect and serve everyone regardless of race or what neighborhood you're from.

Our goal for safer streets must be a joint effort between community and law enforcement. I'd advocate for community training classes for the BPD to help alleviate tensions between residents and the police.