100% Carbon Free City

If we are to build towards effective solutions, we must hold our private partners to the same standards as our residents.

Sustainability - City leaders should be mindful of sudden shifts in policy that may have effects on residents that may not be able to financially keep pace.

Infrastructure - Boston must continue to explore steps to reducing fossil fuel usage. Boston has the capacity to use hydroelectric power, wind and solar energy as renewable energy sources. This can stimulate job growth and help build onto our economy.

Net Zero Building Intiatives - Developers building here, must follow strict environmental guidelines for sustainability. There is no excuse not to build more greenspace.

Decreasing Carbon Emissions - If we are to ensure an 100% carbon free city, leaders should be agressive in planting trees in neighborhoods, and continue to strengthen community composting projects.

Art's and Culture

I am excited and encouraged by the growing arts culture within the city.

As councilor I will aim to build on the work already done and continue to expand the arts not only in our communities but in our schools.

Community Engagement - Continuing to providing free and family friendly activities within the city is a cornerstone of community engagement. With the help of our Parks and Recreation Departments, my hope is to help build on these events, by create a safe and welcoming culture in the city of Boston.

Neighborhood Projects - A city like Boston is hard to maintain. Advocating for neighborhood driven projects can be beneficial for individual communities looking to attract buinesses towards their neighborhoods.