Inclusion and Equity

Taking a community driven approach to every project in each neighborhood.

Our city strives to continue inclusion for everyone. The opinions and knowledge of residents is a key component in creating growth for every community here in Boston. Investments should be at the basic level to maximize inclusion for our all our residents.

City Transit

Boston residents have been frustrated with paying more for a transit system that has not shown noticeable improvement in service in recent years.

A service that residents from all walks of life use, continues to produce below average service. We must push our state leaders to improve the dreary rider experience and produce solutions for daily delays to create consistency for our transit system.

Bus Lanes - By continuing to explore this option we could reduce traffic in the cities most congested areas. We can alleviate travel times and begin to restore rider confidence. I would support plans, in certain areas of the city.

Congestion - We should expand safe cycling zones so residents seeking to use alternative modes of transportation, have a safe available option. Moving toward reduction in carbon emissions while bringing us closer to a 100% carbon free city.


As more luxury housing buildings erupt, neighborhood gentrification continues to increase. Neighborhoods and communities once vibrant with culture, have seen dramatic shifts.

Affordability, fairness and inclusion are the underlying issues for the cities housing crisis. By recognizing that the increasing cost of living in many neighborhoods is hindering a disproportionate amount of residents, we can work to better support our #1 stakeholders, our families.

Homeownership - We must take steps towards increasing home ownership, particularly in communities of color. By working with our public and private partners we can continue to resource first time home buyers. Ensuring everyone has oppurtunities at not only buying, but sustaining a home here in Boston.

Net Zero Initiatives - City Leaders must continue to advocate for developers to follow Net Zero Initiatives for commercial building. Creating more green space and renewable energy around the city is a goal we can achieve. As Boston gets larger and the necessity for commercial space and housing overlap, we must prioritize efforts at sustainability as well as affordability.

Short Term Rentals - Boston must continue to close loopholes, for short term rentals. Anyone looking to take part in boston's housing market, can never do so at the expense of Boston families.

Local Economy

As we look to expand bostons economy, we must continue to invest in our small business community and explore options at sustainable wages for our residents. Bostons economy thrives when everyone has the oppurtunity to invest.

Investing Local - Residents are attracted to vibrant neighborhoods and diverse cultures. Supporting our local businesses is critical to improving neighborhoods. Weather it be a corner store, a small eatery or barbershop/salon, we must continue to create an environment where new businesses can thrive in every neighborhood.

Livable Wage - No one should have to work two jobs or live paycheck to paycheck to feed their family, especially if you work full time. I will always advocate for a livable wage for families here in Boston, to ensure that everyone can grow.

PILOT Program - The voluntarity repayment system in place, short changes residents. We must demand that our tax exempt non-profits pay their fair share in property tax.

City Procurement Process - We deserve a procurement process where residents, including businesses owned by women, and people of color have an equal opportunity to gain city contracts. We have an opportunity to expand the culture and public health of the city if we push for an easy to use, transparent process.