Inclusion and Equity

Take a community driven approach to every project in each neighborhood.

The opinions and knowledge of residents is a key component in creating growth for every community here in Boston. Investment should be at the basic level to maximize inclusion.

Our city strives to continue inclusion for everyone. Boston must continue to stand up against federal discriminatory policies against our growing immigrant communities and our LGBTQ residents.

City Transit

Boston residents have been frustrated with having to pay more for a transit system that has not shown noticeable improvement in service in recent years.

A service that residents from all walks of life use, is slowly becoming a series of inflated fare rates, dismal riding conditions and failed service. We must push our state leaders to improve the dismal rider experience, produce solutions for daily delays and create consistency for our transit system.

Bus Lanes - I would support plans in certain areas of the city to create designated bus lanes to help alleviate traffic. By reducing transit times in the cities most congested areas, we can alleviate travel time and begin to restore rider confidence.

Cycling - With our continued increase in population comes congestion. The City should expand safe cycling zones so we can offer our citizens alternative options for commuting. Anyone seeking to to use alternative modes of transportation should have a safe available option.

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